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Friday, 5 May 2023

It's almost over - 18 books for 20 bucks!

Hey, everyone!

If you didn't hear about the Storybundle I'm in, it's not too late to snag my book and works by Kevin J Anderson and Scott Coatsworth for cheap!

Get it now before it's gone - there's less than 20 hours to go!

(Yes, I know this is my first post in months - we moved homes recently and I've been busy with work. Ooooops. Check out my Tumblr for more regular updates!)

Monday, 2 January 2023

for you page :)

I'm slightly above average at a handful of things
Not good enough for brilliance but 
Too good to ignore
In an era where skills must be monetized 
But the effort of monetizing work is a hidden burden 
Lurking behind a hill, blotting out a sunset
I'm coming to hate my art

I can string bright glowing glass and sparkling stones 
With iridescent shells to make a necklace 
It's not good enough
I can knit fluffy soothing yarn or soft chenille or 
Perky daring colorful novelty fibers into
Improbably cosy sweaters 
It's not good enough
I weave descriptions and worlds from dust 
And imagined shadows into aching glory
It's not good enough
I can sing trembling lines of poetry and melody
from silence and stillness into colour
It's not good enough

To survive under capitalism 
What happened to the starry future skies 
We used to dream up,
With mechanized wonders and lives of leisure 
And brilliant new attractions and follies
Everything is either popular, for rich people, or carefully faked

I hate my art because
I'm not famous on tiktok
Because at some point art has started to feel like
Palliative care for the soul 

And regardless of skill 
I'm too ugly to go viral 


A writer and professional freelance editor, Michelle Browne lives in Lethbridge, AB with her partners-in-crime and their cats. She is currently working on the next books in her series, other people's manuscripts, knitting, jewelry-making, and drinking as much tea as humanly possible.

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Monday, 19 December 2022

i sent u my verse, pls respond

 laying out a tender organ

between unskillful fingers;

hands shaking as I offered up a blurry picture of

something intimate, naked, vaguely expressed—

I immediately wished I’d played it off as a joke

instead I feel the creeping slinking regret

the cold drops of sweaty fear in the hollow of my back

because I revealed something private

in public


have I made a terrible mistake

and i i i i i

cannot take it back because the internet is forever


i am not afraid of being naked in public

that’s a nightmare i’ve had many times over

but i am afraid of being naked on the internet


perhaps i wish i could re-coil these tender delicate organs

back into the cavern of my hideous yellow roiling belly,

beneath layers of flesh

hide them beneath the layers of obscenity


this is just to say that if u saw my poem

i cannot tell whether i want u to respond

or not to respond


but i know enough to be ashamed

Monday, 12 December 2022

Migraine static gender

 Migraines lead to strange dreams 

I slept and dreamed of strange monstrosities, hideous creatures

tangled in the arms of conventional beauties 

my gender is something like a magpie, something like an omen 

but though I have no tusks or claws 

I slouch, my belly hangs low, I am hirstute

Tangles of dark curling hair fall to my shoulders 

or float above my head

If you asked me to embrace a monster, 

my arms would be open wide 

if you called me a beauty 

I would hide my face in shame 

at the lie.

Friday, 18 November 2022

So, I Forgot to Mention - My Book is Out!

 This is a short one, because I just got back home from the book launch at Analog Books here in Lethbridge - a fantastic independent bookstore that everyone should check out. 

It was small, just myself and a few friends, but the bookstore was open a bit late tonight and I did a little reading for people! I also served up this delicious pineapple cake, in a vegan version (we used an egg substitute). 

Photo by Liza Fleischmann. My dumb ass forgot to take a picture.

But you're not just here for the (virtual) pineapple cake and apple cider - you're here for the book. 

As mentioned, The Meaning Wars Omnibus is finally out - not only in ebook form, but also as a paperback and a hardcover! 

It's exclusively on Amazon right now, for KDP and promotion reasons, but I may change that if people speak up. (Amazon really likes to lock authors down with exclusivity, sadly.) 

I'm so proud of how this turned out, and Kateryna Kyselova did a bang-up job on the cover! Christy Foster was of tremendous help on the formatting. You couldn't go wrong by hiring either of them. 

I have a few blog articles on the backburner, but my biggest priority right now is actually my NaNoWriMo project - Monsters and Fools. That's right - it's taken ten years, but I'm planning to release the long, long-awaited sequel to The Underlighters in spring! 

Look, it took a long time to figure out the plot...but I finally got it done. Stay tuned to this space for more updates on what I'm doing - when I get time for 'em, that is. This has been one crazy year so far...


Michelle Browne is a sci fi/fantasy writer and editor. She lives in Lethbridge, AB with her partners-in-crime and their cats. Her days revolve around freelance editing, knitting, jewelry, and learning too much. She is currently working on other people’s manuscripts, the next books in her series, and drinking as much tea as humanly possible.
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