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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Breaking News: Now in Paperback! News from Friends!

Hello hello!

Just a little bit of a post today. I wanted to share the good news (slightly late) about being in PAPERBACK! WOOHOO! I made an "EEEEEEEEE!" noise when I first got my proof copy.

The amazing Kit Foster did this one--I love it to death.

If you do not have a copy already, GO BUY IT NOW. The ebook version is still available, of course.

BUT! I am not the only one with big news. As you can see here, my friend Richard Long is running a Kickstarter for a trailer for The Book of Paul. As you might know from my interview from him, it's a dark and wonderful horror book. Throw a few dollars in the bucket--this trailer is going to be AWESOME and I want to see it. And, there are rewards, of course! So, be sure to drop by and have a look at that. The Book of Paul really blew me away. Seriously. Don't miss it.

FINALLY! Last, but not at all least, the adorable Christy Foster (also known as Sierra Sofia) has just released a new baby herself. Her party for the next one going on over here. You should still have a look, especially if you're a paranormal or short-story lover! She also has a new book,

That's all for today...happy reading!


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