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Monday, 8 July 2013

Belated and Awesome: An Interview with Ally Shields

Hello hello! 
I just realised that I never did repost a pretty excellent interview with Ally Shields from a while back. Well, I had to amend that!
You'll definitely want to stop by her blog and grab her paranormal witch-hunting books, but in the meantime, here's a taste of her style. Thanks again, Ally! 
We're here for coffee again this morning. Michelle and I have ours, so grab a mug and pull up a chair. 

This  is Michelle's bio in her own words: 

I'm a published science fiction author with a love for talking about the end of the world, silver jewellery, nightmares, and chocolate. I'm also fluent in Shakespeare, cussing, and activism,  (passable in Spanish).
I came from a smallish town in Southern Alberta and now live in Calgary with my partner. When we're not saving the world from hipsters or riding our bear cavalry to work, we can be found on the internet or with our friends.

Ally: Lol! I'd love to have you back some time to talk about the bear cavalry, but let's stick to the script today and talkChristmas and books. Why don't you start by telling us your favorite childhood memory connected to the holidays?

MICHELLE: Hmmm. Childhood...Well, I remember one year that Mom really wanted some crystal lambs she'd seen, beautiful little ornaments. I convinced Mom that they were all sold out and not available at all anymore, and Dad and I managed to keep the secret all month long, occasionally mentioning that it had been sold out. Finally, the night before Christmas--also her birthday--we revealed our secret and showed her the mother sheep and three little lambs. There were some tears, and it's one of the best presents I've ever given.

Ally: And best for Mom too, I bet. Okay, now books.  Other than your own, what was the favorite book you read in 2012? What made it so special?

MICHELLE: Aw, shoot, I've read a LOT this year. Honestly, I'm going to go with the first one that comes to mind and then distribute runners-up. Les Liasons Dangereuses, by de Laclos, was magnificent. I couldn't believe how strong the characters were, and how well-implemented the plot was. It's a classic for a reason--sexy, well-written, morally ambivalent...I am so glad I picked it up. Chris Shields' "Fae Journals" series also really impressed me--one of the best teenage female protagonists I've ever read about. A solid third goes to JC Eggleton's "Brookhaven', for being spectacularly creepy and unputdownable. Honourable mention goes to the Game of Thrones series, but book 5 has been a disappointment thus far.

Ally: I'd have trouble just choosing one, too. Thanks for coming, Michelle. I've really enjoyed our chat, and I look forward to having you back sometime.

MICHELLE: It's been a pleasure meeting you, your readers, and I hope you'll stop by my blog! Also, "And the Stars Will Sing" is free from Dec 6 to Dec 10, and "The Stolen: Two Short Stories" will be on sale for .99. Pick them up, you won't regret it. This is your SciFiMagpie, over and out!


Book Blurb:

In the far future, travel is made possible by controlled wormholes made in the fabric of space-time. Crystal, a young woman freshly graduated from university, finds herself on her first job aboard the base-ship 'Crossing Paths'. Workplace politics and a romance make it complicated. The last thing she needs are the frightening errors beginning to crop up on her maps...

Buy Link:


Her second book, The Stolen: Two Short Stories, can be found here:


A new book, "The Loved, the Lost, the Dreaming" is coming soon! "
[Note: Obviously, that's already out, and you can buy it here and here and here!]


You might recognize my logo. Currently I use my face, but this is the bird that started it all.

Ally: I supposed the readers are wondering about the bird. Perhaps you should explain.

MICHELLE: I generally use a magpie for my author pic. I do have my real face on the internet, but the magpie is my logo, so look for this bird and you'll find me.

Ally: If you're not into bird watching, you might try these contact links. :-D

And that's all for today! Hope you enjoyed a chance to catch up on an oldie but goodie. Thanks for dropping by the nest once again. Don't miss any of the good kind of crazy. Find me on TwitterFacebook, and on Tumblr.  Keep checking back to see those surprise posts, too. This is your darling SciFiMagpie, over and out! 

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