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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Flash Release--Nexus by Nicholas Wilson!

Hello hello!

I am right in the middle of an excellent new book, Nexus, and I had to share it. Just released by Nicholas Wilson, you can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more

I have been on a hard sci fi kick lately, and the quietly subversive setting is still full of excellent goodness--think Star Trek meets Galaxy Quest, with a bit of The Electric Church series thrown in for good measure. I have to recommend it. There's a few info-dumpy bits so far, but the main character's engaging voice, the dirty jokes, and the nicely logical setup of the world are irresistible. Cruising around space and meeting new cultures, and only phuquing them sometimes, should be overused--but the plot's compelling, and this was just too fun not to post. The nice thing is that Wilson doesn't require one to turn off their brain to enjoy the book. 

Both posters supplied by author. 

Incidentally, this seems like a good time to mention that I'll be uploading occasional short reviews from other books I've read--sci fi, a bit of fantasy and horror, and a stray paranormal novel here and there. Some will be old reviews from books I've already read; some will be new. They'll all be short, which means you can get your Michelle fix more often. I'm not currently taking review requests or recommendations, because my Kindle is ready to explode, but feel free to comment and share books for other readers!

All right--time to get back to editing for me. Then, I'll be rewarding myself with more Nexus.

Thanks for dropping by the nest once again. Don't miss any of the phuquerie. Find Michelle on TwitterFacebook, and on Tumblr. More interviews and witty commentaries are coming. Keep checking back to see those surprise posts, too. This is your darling SciFiMagpie, over and out! 

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