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Sunday, 7 September 2014

A Few Thoughts on Death and the Internet

So, it's finally happened--someone I knew on Facebook has passed away. I knew, statistically speaking, that a friend-acquaintance or close friend would pass away eventually. That's how life, and entropy, work. But this was a real shock--something like the sinking feeling when you let the air out of your lungs and fall to the bottom of the pool. And like that sinking, it's not real yet; my heart has a weightless, hollow feeling.

It hasn't really set in yet, but Johnetta Samone was a smart, sweet woman who always spoke her mind but had a gentle heart. She spoke up for those who needed it and had a really good sense of humour when times were lighter. She was a good person, committed to love and understanding and compassion. She had a good sense of humour. Johnetta Samone was meh about technology, had incredible dreads, a playful sense of humour--and now, she's just not here. 
She will be missed. May she rest in peace and travel well.
I couldn't help thinking about quantum immortality.

What if we just...don't know if we've died? Like, maybe something happened--we've all had near miss accidents--and during one of those accidents we ended up being conscious in another multiverse facet? And thinking we only "almost" missed the steps?

What exactly happens when everything here stops--whether "we" go somewhere or it's all just "that good night"--is not a question I have an answer to. But I suppose we can hope. And I hope that Neezy is somewhere with sunlight and good music and slightly better people.

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  1. That recently happened to me, too. A lovely lady taken by cancer too young. She'd had an impact on many, many online people, and she helped me so much in my writing. I had actually met her on a visit to UK (I live in Australia) but I know many, many Facebook people who hadn't had that privilege were just as saddened - if not more so - than me. FB folks are real people, and real friends.

  2. I read your post on your blog--I really hope that Death, Pratchett's Death, is what comes. That sounds a lot better.


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