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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Breaking News: Updates on "The Loved, The Lost, The Dreaming" and More!

Hello hello!

I am bubbling with excitement--a normal state for me, admittedly, but MORE SO THAN USUAL! There may be an excessive use of the 'caps lock' key for this one.

So! There's a bit of good news and a bit of bad news, and a bit of really wonderful news to boot. We'll start with the bad news.

Bad news: I'm not doing the YA full version for 'The Loved, The Lost, The Dreaming' because it'll take me a lot of bloody time and I will have to cut out too much. I don't mind scaling down the blood and explicit sex, but there isn't enough to make it really worth the censorship.

Good news: 'The Underlighters', the headliner story for TLTLTD, will be released on its own as a stand-alone novel, probably at some point in the next couple of months. And, as I mentioned, plans to write prequel and sequel stories to go along with it haven't changed. I'm currently working on getting the paperbacks for TLTLTD set up. You can bet on an update when that's done, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Partly to make up for that, I will be putting out The Stolen: Two Short Stories for FREE again this week, from Feb 14 to 16, because...I love you guys! You can also look forward to more frequent freebies as soon as I am off of Kindle Select *shakes fist*. So, there's that.

Wonderful news: It's finally coming. In April, the novel that started it all, a standalone story I first began working on in eighth grade...will be released. This one is a true stand-alone, unrelated to all my other works, and after the final batch of revisions, it will be ready to share with the world. It's more than due to be released. 

Synchronicity is the story of six young university students who sign on for a virtual reality game beta. They soon find themselves in the middle of a deadly cat-and-mouse revenge plot. It's anyone's guess who will survive. 

More details about the premise and a cover reveal will be coming, so stay tuned!
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  1. Cannot wait for the cover reveal! :o


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