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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

No Mis-Stakes: An Interview with Sharon Stevenson

Hello hello!

I have the talented and snappy Sharon Stevenson dropping by today. I reviewed her book Blood Bound  as a favour, and to my shock, found an incredibly gritty, witty, funny paranormal novel that I could not help loving. Normally the vampy stuff is not my thing, but as you'll find in the interview, there are a more than a few things about Sharon's writing that set her apart. Please give a warm welcome to Sharon Stevenson!


Q: Describe yourself in 20 words or less.

I read, I write, I watch TV.  I’m married.  People laugh at my rant-y outbursts.  Is that 20 words yet?

Q: Tell us about your novels.

They are Modern Fantasy novels set in an alternate reality Scotland.  Shaun & Sarah Gallows are a brother and sister demon tracking team and they kick a lot of supernatural ass.

Q: Many paranormal novels about young slayers or young paranormal people are very glamorous and flashy. Why did you take such a no-nonsense and ordinary approach?

I basically wrote the book I wanted to read, which was probably borne out of frustration after I read a few really unbelievable YA novels in a row. What I came up with is definitely not YA, as there is adult language and situations, but the characters do start out in their late teens.  I wanted flawed characters I could care about, dealing with things they struggle to cope with, because that to me is what growing up is all about.  I don’t want to read about attractive cardboard cut-outs saying and doing whatever the writer needs them to just to move the story along.

Provided by author. You have no idea how badass that blonde chick is. 

Q: What do you think about happy endings? Is it better to go gothic, or is there room for the happily-ever-after in a world where monsters walk?

Happy endings are nice, and that's the problem.  I don't want nice when I pick up an urban fantasy book, especially if it's a series.  I want to be shocked and entertained, and I want to worry about the characters.  Happy-for-now endings are fine, if there's still the threat of something horrible lurking just around the corner.  If I stop worrying about the characters I'm not going to pick up the next book.  I suppose what I'm saying is happy endings are okay for stand alones but a not-so-happy ending is usually always the more shocking way to go.

Q: What do you think of the trend for the last few years of writing erotic vampires and werewolves?

It all comes down to context and believability.  The humanising of these creatures which were traditionally always monsters was pretty much inevitable, but I’m fine with it if these types of characters remain monstrous in some way, true to their inhuman urges, so it all just depends how the writer handles it.

Q: Shaun gets picked on a lot by his sister. What do you think about the relationship between twins? Why is it so fascinating?

To me it’s a pretty typical brother-sister relationship.  They take the piss and don’t always take each other seriously but ultimately they look out for each other.

She is even wittier than she looks. Behind those innocent eyes, an elegant bouquet of wit is being arranged. 

Q: This novel is off the beaten track for a paranormal story. Do you consider your characters role models?

I just tried to write realistic characters with human flaws.  I wouldn’t say they were role models. They try to do the right things but they make their mistakes like everyone does and they’re still growing up.

Q: What do you plan to write or publish next?

I’m in the editing stages for the third Gallows novel ‘Fate Fallen’, plus a short story from Elle’s perspective.  I’ll be releasing these at the end of March.
I’ll then be getting back to editing my Urban Fantasy Horror/Comedy novella called ‘Raised’ which will be the first book in a new series and should be ready for release sometime in the summer.

Q: Which foods do you absolutely hate?

I’m not a big meat-eater but cook it in an amazing sauce and the chances are I’ll eat it. 

Q: What sort of weapon would you most like to kill supernatural creatures with?
A chainsaw.  What kind of Bruce Campbell fan would I be if I said anything else?

Thanks for sharing your awesomeness, Sharon! As for the rest of you, drop by her page and nab her books or Sarah and Shaun will be by to stake you. 

Blood Bound

Demon Divided

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