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Monday, 11 March 2013

Blog Tour: The Loved, The Lost, The Dreaming

Hello hello! 

So, this week is THE BLOG TOUR! CAN YOU HANDLE THIS? There's even a giveaway of The Loved, The Lost, The Dreaming

Laurynne did my beautiful poster. Of course, Kit Foster did my cover.

I just got a couple of new and really brilliant reviews already, so I had to post them. 

This one is a bit of self-satisfaction. The insanely talented Sharon Stevenson, who I was lucky enough to kidnap for a review last month, couldn't resist my newest work either. 

Sharon Stevenson's Review

"Well the 17th book I've read this year was the awesome new release by Michelle Browne.  Her characters and storylines are just awesome -

Amazon Review, filed under 'Original Sci-Fi Horror & Fantasy' -

'The Loved, The Lost, The Dreaming' is a horror anthology containing one novel & eleven short stories.  

'The Underlighters' is a dystopian sci-fi horror novel told in diary format by a teenager named Janelle.  A few entries in she admits to being jittery and that's very much the tone that's been set from the beginning.  There are some creepy moments with freaky creatures, leading up to the big scares later.  There are also some seriously sexy bits as there's a very sexually liberal attitude in the society created here. The world building Browne does so well is very much present, making all the little differences feel very believable. I was quickly drawn into the story and related easily to Janelle.  There are some really cool ideas in this novel and it's entertaining and scary throughout, I loved it!

The short stories are all good in their different ways, I would probably class them as mostly fantasy with horror twists.  I personally preferred the longer stories 'The Road House'& 'My Shadow Self', as they had more of Browne's fantastic dialogue and characterization.  'A Shot of Vodka', the final tale in the book, was just an amazing story that completely shocked the hell out of me.  

Overall this is a highly original and very well written book.  Brilliant stuff!"


"The Loved, The Lost, The Dreaming is a captivating, well written anthology that contains one long work, The Underlighters, and several other short stories. All of them are creepy, sad, and play on the uncomfortable nature of the topics they employ.Michelle has a gift with the written word. She writes engaging, ground breaking prose that is not afraid to test the reader's boundaries. She did a great job in the anthology of showcasing her talent in a variety of tales, each one of which stands out from the others. In short, I would recommend this book to anyone. It's memorable, and unique."

I won't lie...reviews like this warm my heart. Somehow, I didn't factor fans and mutually respectful colleagues into the equation when I started writing, and the glow takes me by surprise even now. 

Okay! Enough gushing! Let's get this show on the road.

Oh! here is the draw box. Be sure to enter! It's a chance to get my work for free, and who doesn't love free things?

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Here is where I will be touching down this week: 


















Be sure to say hello! And remember...the paperback is coming soon!

**EDIT** My friend, the lovely Dianne Harman, is also doing a giveaway on her ABNA quarter-finalist book!! Don't miss it! Blue Coyote Motel is an interesting travelogue/morality play/romance/thriller with solid research and a diverse cast. Go have a look!

**EDIT #2** I've been on the radio! Check out some interviews where I got involved here, here, and here!

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