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Monday, 6 May 2013

Breaking News: Book of the Month, Synchronicity Update, and more!

Hello hello!

A quick post today. First, the good news! The Loved, The Lost, The Dreaming has won 'Book of the Month' on Modern Good Reads! You should go join and talk about it! It's also on sale to celebrate--$2.99 instead of $4.99, which is 40% off and a hell of a deal for a novel and AND short stories and a novella! The reviews it's been getting are INSANE and make my little magpie soul incredibly happy. As you can see, I'm giving back--I've got a Rafflecopter running right above this post, and you have until the end of the month to enter! Yay! So, buy it now or enter the contest--I don't mind sending the book as a gift to someone for you either!

Next up on the good news-o-meter--Richard Long, the one and only, is in the final hours of his Kickstarter for The Book of Paul. Go buy it--it's on sale for $0.99--and go throw a few bucks in the bucket! They have a $5000 budget, so every penny helps!

Picture supplied by the author. LOOK AT THAT COVER.

Another horror writer friend, Travis Luedke just released The Nightlife: Paris. It is marvellous; his finest yet. I left my honest thoughts on a review. It was rather beautiful, a cut above his previous work (which was still really great.) BUY IT. Or enter the giveaway for that one, too.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Finally, we come to the news I hinted at this weekend.

Sigh. My first work, Synchronicity, a tale 11 years in the making...is going to be undergoing painful page-1 rewrites. I was trying to get it out for you guys this summer, but that's simply not happening. The plot has Swiss cheese-like holes, the villains make no sense, and the prose just isn't at the standard I've set in my other works. This was the eldest child, dating before even And the Stars Will Sing, and it got me into writing seriously. I endured heartbreak and I grew up while writing it. Synchronicity started when I was only thirteen, and I worked on it intermittently until this year. And then, finally, seeing the painful morning light, I realised that no amount of work could make it more than okay. And I am so much more than 'okay' as a writer.

I was incredibly upset about this on Sunday, and posted a bunch of comments about being hungover. I was, in fact, hungover from too little sleep; regular readers will know that I'm not a drug user at all and I generally avoid drinking, so rest assured that it was staying up until 4:00 AM that did me in, not substances of dubious provenance.

Luckily, my early morning saviour was a deeply respected friend and developmental editor. We hashed out that plot for HOURS. You can expect to hear more about the lovely Sarah in future, because I'm very grateful for her resuscitation of my 'eldest child'.

However! My baby isn't dead--just undergoing a brain transplant. The new plot is planned out and I think you're going to love the direction. The only hint you're getting is 'water'. So...puzzle over that for a bit! I'll be dropping more hints as time goes on. Suffice to say I am INCREDIBLY relieved and really looking forward to getting down to work!

Finally, I'm getting things set up so I can release The Underlighters as a stand-alone this summer, for those of you who don't want all those extra short stories. That should be fun! I'll be posting updates. That's all for now! Stay tuned, and I'll have more kickass content on the way.


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  1. You have the right way of looking at it. This may have been taking you forever to finish, but just think about how good it'll feel when you finally do get it done.

    I'd still like to leave you feedback for your novels. I haven't forgotten. It's just one of those things that I'll get to eventually.


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