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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Captured Minds: First Ever Cover Reveal

Hello hello!

I have a bit of a treat today--a cover reveal of Rebecca Odum's new book, coming soon! I was lucky enough to edit this one; it's a pleasure to share some advance info with you. This is Rebecca's first book, and she's off to a good start. It's got a really interesting dystopian feel, and the heroine is actually a fair bit more unusual than she seems at first glance. When it's available for sale, I'll make another post to let you all know!

Cover supplied by author.


The land of Zoar has always been home to seventeen year old Raven Montgomery, but that doesn't mean she feels like she belongs there. Misunderstood for her small size and incredible intelligence, Raven has never fit in with anyone her age. Born with a rare condition that causes brittle bones, severe headaches and joint pains, she's had to sit on the sidelines. Reading and landing perfect scores on exams far above her grade level can only go so far, and she longs for more: a chance to explore The Other World.

For the last decade, most of Zoar has struggled to make ends meet. When the Ruler is killed unexpectedly, Raven fears all hope is lost. Determined to help in even a small way, Raven enters the second annual competition between Zoar and The Other World. At first, Raven is thrilled to compete, and her dream of seeing the Other World is about to come true.When secrets start to emerge, starting with a shoebox of letters addressed to her parents from the Other World,  Raven sets out to uncover the dark secrets hidden in the shadows of Zoar. 


Growing up in Georgia, RA Odum has always had a big imagination. Since before she could write, a host of characters has filled her head, screaming that their stories to be heard. She started writing at the age of twelve and never stopped. She's excited for her books to reach the world and she hopes they will make a difference. 

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