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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Why SciFiMagpie?


I promised to explain this a while back, and since I'm in the middle of something--yes, it's new work related to And The Stars Will Sing, you lucky people--I'll keep this one short. Here's how I named my blog and myself.

The 'Sci Fi' part is pretty self-evident. I have already given you guys a taste of my love for science fiction, and the reasons for that love, with more to come. The magpie part, well--I've always associated with them, one of my horoscopes slots me into the corvid category, and my habits fit. I like to talk, I'm curious and inquisitive, and I go crazy for shiny things. (You should see my jewelry boxes...and I know how to make the stuff, too. It's terrible sometimes! No, that's cock-and-bull, I don't regret it for a minute.)
And, naturally, they're tied together by my love of piecing together inspirations. You will find familiar elements in my stories, and I won't make a secret of that; dystopian works and even some old-fashioned zip-gun shoot'em-ups inspire me, and I'll be paying homage when it's due. The ingredients in the recipe are a mix of my own home brew and large amounts of moondust and space debris.

In other news, did you know that moon rocks aren't actually radioactive or toxic? True story. Anyway, that's how the blog got its nick.

Next time: more about Mass Effect 3, bad romance, and my guesses on why really amazing love stories are both enjoyable and hard to write. And yes, info about the genesis of And The Stars Will Sing is coming. Don't touch that dial!

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