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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Hello Internet!

Test 1, 2, 3...

(Anything but that...)

A warm hello, internet, from the only rat free* place in the world. My name is Michelle, sometimes Shelle, sometimes ColorBazaar. https://twitter.com/#!/ColorBazaar. That's my Etsy name/shop. And now, I'm also known as the SciFiMagpie.

I wasn't kidding about the wormhole to my brain thing. In the coming months and years, you'll find reviews, links, info about my books and writing process, and a bit more internet humour than is probably recommended for your daily intake. And a lot of salt. I like salt.

*some conditions may apply, such as all the rats in the neuroscience lab, which are cute, and the big hairy one I saw in a ditch once, which was not. However, if you kill one and bring it in to a municipal building, you get a shiny nickel for a bounty! Just don't kill the lab rats. The scientists are actually nice to them and need them for research and such. And they're black and white and cute. I like rats, but alive, not with salt.

Anyway. So, in the speed-dating process that is a first blog post, I'll get on that 'describing myself' thang. I've got a Love Interest and a cat and a number of geeky friends, and the requisite deep, dark secret. No, it's not the polyamory or my bisexuality, or the thing for salty food.
Ever since my teenage years, when sensible people were listening to rap and such, I've been a writer. It started, I think, when I reread a story that I created in 5th grade. Something hit me--it took a while. I penned a short story about mermaids--it was sort of good and sort of crap, but there was something there. I rewrote that story, and started on another. I had the mental image of a young woman looking out a Greyhound Bus window. And that was it. I had to write about it, and then I started working on it more often...and then....

Next time: more about moi, and probably something funny, also a cocktease about my current work.


  1. I was going to ask if we'll get to find out what this deep dark secret of yours is, but then if you told us, it wouldn't be a deep dark secret, would it? =P

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